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Our Story

The concept for this gift website gestated for a couple years before it finally birthed March 22, 2022.
We've been running for several years now, peddling our handmade lotions, soaps, and potions.
It's been great, but I needed a creative outlet that more closely mirrored my own kind of quirk. Sometimes I feel like a lady, sometimes I'm feeling snarky, and sometimes I'm just a shit. When I'm hunting gifts for my friends or my kids, I want something that's as unique as they are. Several of my friends are in the pic below and you can't tell from the way they're posing, but some of 'em might appreciate a coffee mug covered in boobs (my husband's regular mug now) or scotch-flavored toothpicks (my dad already approved the picks). You just never know what might float their boat! Look around, don't get offended, and gift outside the box.  -Ashley


Shopping for a loved one, a family member, or a colleague? Browse our site to find everything you need to make them smile. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check back regularly. Our items are always on heavy rotation.

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